How to Speed Up Increase Speed of Your Laptop, Computer 

How to Optimize/Speed up Windows 7,8,10 performance. Windows 10 are slow working so don’t worry!


Firstly I will tell you some application that will improved speed of operating system then some tips are provide to improve speed of operating system.

How to Speed up Windows 10

1. Use C Cleaner

C Cleaner is very popular application that will remove temporary files and cookies, history of any browsers. C cleaner remove Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer
temporary files.

Use c cleaner

First up all download & install c cleaner.

After installation of c cleaner start the c cleaner and click on the Run cleaner button wait until it will finish its work and that sit.

 2.   Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup can delete temporary internet files, old downloaded program files, empty the recycle bin. Perform disk cleanup for every Month or 15 days. This tool is built in windows operating system

I am now talking about windows 7.

Disk cleanup

Go to Start -> All programs
->Accessories -> System tools ->Disk cleanup

Or Start -> Run-> type cleanmgr

Then select drive then press ok wait until the process will finish and then choose which files we want to delete.

 3. Uninstall unnecessary programs

Go to your Control Panel then uninstall the unnecessary program that we    don’t use regularly. It will be also useful to improve speed of your operating system.

4. Disable the windows start up programs

The programs that will see in the notification areas that will be a startup program all this program you don’t need of them you want to disable them

As follow:

Press Windows+R and then
type their ‘msconfig’ then new window will be open then select the tab
startup and unselect the program that we don’t need at startup. Due to this
your operating system will be boot fast.

5. Use Antivirus Software

Use the antivirus software that will be remove malwares, viruses on your computer system hence your operating system work smoothly.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is free.
Use this anti-malware protection to remove malware.

6. Add more RAM:

Even if your computer is running slow then you need to install more RAM in your computer.

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