Whatsapp recently launched new feature called delete for everyone. Here we discuss what is delete for everyone how to use this feature.

WhatsApp launched  new feature: “delete for everyone

Friends whatsapp’s new feature which has most waited has launched now that is delete for everyone.

By using this feature user can delete or recall the message which may be text,image,gif,video or contact.

Before on whatsapp if any user sends message to the individual user or in group he can’t delete that message.

If any wrong message or message without intention or if any message is to be  sent to the user or in group user cant delete that message so that user wants this type of feature from long time. And whatsapp also worked for long time and launched this feature.

So lets see how to recall or delete sent messages and what
are the terms and conditions for deleting messages.

WhatsApp launched  new feature: “delete for everyone”

  1. Message can be delete for individual user as well as in group also.
  2.  If you have sent a message by mistake firstly tap on that message
  3. Now you can see five options on the top

- Now select the delete option

- After selecting delete option you can see the the three
options like—

             Delete for me


            Delete for everyone

Now select the last one i.e. deletes for everyone option. Nice it will delete the message that you have sent.

But friends this feature having some limitations and
conditions that are given below—

This feature can be used only within 7 minutes from you sent message.

You can’t use this feature if the another  user read your message

Even if you deleted the message by using this feature recipient gets a message like message were deleted.

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