What Is Difference Between Save and Save As ?

Hello friends, in this post we are going to see the difference between save and save as. this is very little thing but many of us didn't know the actual difference between the save and save as. so lets see-

difference between save and save as

When we write any document or file,in the file menu typically you will see the two options, that is save and save as. lets see when when should you use save and save as-

when you write any document and you want save it first time then, you can save it by using both options "SAVE" and "SAVE AS". both options will save your document.

when you made any changes in the document or add some text in your document, then for saving it you should use "SAVE" option.

when you want to make  a copy of any saved document or currently opened document then choose the option "SAVE AS" and give another name to it. it will create a copy of that file with another name.

hope you understand the difference between save and save as options, still if you have any problem you can ask us through comment box.

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