Here we will discuss about How to remotely access a computer using team viewer. Friends if you seeks for to how access and operate the computer from your computer. Then you are at right place. This article will provides full guide to access an another computer.

Basically there can be many ways in which we can access the this article we will see an easiest way to access a computer remotely by using the software Team Viewer.

Note that both computers should have installed Team Viewer software on both computers.

So let’s see step by step guide on how can you access another computer remotely

How to remotely access a computer using Team Viewer

Step 1:

If you haven’t installed TeamViewer software on your computer. First at all download the TeamViewer. To download TeamViewer go to the home website of TeamViewer

Step 2:

On the TeamViewer download home page click on the icon

After clicking a download TeamViewer icon the TeamViewer setup file will be download.

Step 3:

After downloading the setup file for installation double click on the downloaded file. Follow the instructions of installation process.

Step 4:

After successful installation open the team viewer. You will see the id and password. This id and password is used to access the computer.

Step 5:

Follow the same process on another computer that you want to access.

Step 6:

After successful installation of TeamViewer on both computer success fully open a TeamViewer on both computers

Step 7:

As shown in below image you will get an your id and password in one ab under Allow remote control tab

How to remotely access a computer using Team Viewer

Step 8:

As shown in above image to access the other computer type the Team Viewer id in the partner id textbox which is shown in control remote computer tab.

After entering the partner’s TeamViewer id it will ask for the password of partners Team Viewer enter it and that’s done. You will connect partner’s computer and can access that computer.

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