HTML 5, Introduces some new tags, which is as follows. Here we discuss New tags in HTML5

What are the New Tags In HTML 5

What are the New Tags In HTML 5


Defines a footer for a
document or section


Defines a header for a
document or section


Defines an article in a


Defines content aside from the
page content


Defines additional details
that the user can view or hide


Defines a dialog box or window


Defines a caption for a
<figure> element


Defines self-contained content


Defines the main content of a


Defines marked/highlighted


Defines a scalar measurement
within a known range (a gauge)


Defines navigation links


Represents the progress of a


Defines what to show in
browsers that do not support ruby annotations


Defines a section in a


Defines a visible heading for
a <details> element


Defines a date/time


Defines a video file. 


1.How many tags are there in HTML5?

HTML tags are used to add contents in html like video, audio, heading, tables, link lists etc. The Latest version of HTML, i.e. HTML5 Includes, 145 tags.

2.What are the 4 main tags in HTML?

The main tags in html is Head, Title, body & Paragraph.

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