How To Create SQL Database?

Here we discuss about how to create sql database, as well as how to create sql database for website.

create SQL Database
create SQL Database

SQL is an very simple query language. creating SQL database is a basic and very simple  but important task in the SQL. In this post we are going to learn how to create SQL database using the SQL Query and also using GUI. lets see -

Create SQL database using SQL Query

To create SQL database using SQL Query first open the SQL server management studio.

Then in SQL server management studio click on "New Query" option shown below the menu bar or simply you can use shortcut key " ctrl + N ".

It will open the work area for executing SQL Queries.

Type following SQL commmand 

create database YourDatabaseName

(Note: Type your database name in place of " yourDatabaseName".)

Then select this command

Click on "Execute" option or simply use "F5" key to execute command.

It will create database for you.

Create SQL database using GUI

SQL server management studio aslo provide Graphical User Interface  to create databse. see-

Open the Sql server management studio

Now you will see the Database option on left hand side

Now right click on "Database" option, you will see " New database" option, click on that

New  New window will open, in that type the database name that you want give to your new database

 And click "ok". it will create database for you. you can see database under the database option

That's done. your database is created successfully.

Still if you have any problem you can feel free to ask your problem through the comment box,we will help you.

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