What is HTML? What is HTML Used for, history of html all this things are discuss in this article.

What is HTML


HTML – stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used to create web pages, web applications. It consist of different tags.
It is basic for or web programming languages.

1. Hypertext: Hypertext means the webpages are linked together.
2. Markup: It describes how html works with a markup language. Simply markup a text document with tag that tell a web-browser how to structure for display result.
Markup consist of tags. Tags commonly used in pairs such as <h1> </h1>.

History of HTML:
HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. The first version of HTML was HTML 2.0. After that others version are released. Now current version of html is HTML 5. In 16 September 2014 HTML 5 was released.

Basic HTML Document:
Example of HTML Document
<title>Title goes here </title>
<h1>Heading 1 goes here </h1>
<b> This is bold tag</b1>

<p>Paragraphs goes here. </p>

Requirement to Creating a Webpage:
1. Browser (Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)
2. Simple Text Editor (Notepad, Word pad)

How to Create Webpage:

If you want to create html webpage then follow the simple steps:

Step 1:
Open WordPad, or notepad then type your html program. Use head, title, body tags.

Step 2:
Save the file with .htm or .html extension & select save as type “All Files”.
Example: first.html

Step 3:
Open this file any browser then you will see the result.

HTML Tags:

Markup language consist of various tags. Tags are enclosed with angle braces
<tag name > example : <b> This tag called as opening tag
This tags comes with their corresponding closing tags.
<tag name > example : </b>

Some tags are:
<b> Bold </b>
<P> Paragraph </p>
<body> Body </body>

In HTML there are two types of tag 

1) Paired Tag:

2) Unpaired Tag:

     1)    Paired tag: 

In paired tag first tag is called opening and second is closing tag.
e.g. <i> Hello </i>
<p> Hello </p>
<h1> Hello</h1>

      2)   Unpaired tag: 

     A tag without closing tag is called unpaired tag. It is also called as stand-alone tag or singular Tag.

      e.g. <br>, <hr>

So this is basic introduction of HTML. Every web designer start their journey with HTML.

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