Today we are discussing about how to run dual whatsapp in single android phone. For running 2 whatsapp in single phone only we need dual sim android phone.
Whatsapp is most popular massager to send personal message, images, video etc.

Dual whatsapp in single device

Most of the people already trying to use dual whatsapp account, but many of them are not success. Many people uses OGwhatsapp, GB Whatsapp, to run dual whatsapp account. But when we use OG, GB Whastapp some error has been occurred. So it’s not a great way to use GB or OG whatsapp to run dual whatsapp.

Many guys root their android phone to use 2 whatsapp in single phone. But here doesn’t need to root your android phone.

Now a days every android phone comes with dual sim. We use one sim as personal number and second sim for internet or only for calling. If you want to use personal number for only personal whatsapp account and second number for second whatsapp then it’s very simple, just follow the given steps.

But official whatsapp only run on single sim in single device then how it’s possible to run dual whatsapp account.

Requirement to run 2 whatsapp in 1 device:

1. Android Phone
2. Parallel space
By using Parallel space application we can make clone of any app on same device. To use parallel space don’t need to root mobile.
3. Internet connection

Use Multiple Whatsapp Account In Single Device:

Step 1:
First up all download “Parallel Space Multi Accounts” From play store or just clickhere.

Step 2:
Download and install parallel space on your device.

Step 3:
Open parallel space app then you will all installed app list, select whatsapp form list click on + sign.

Select Whatsapp

Step 4:
Select whatsapp and click on “Add to parallel space”.

add to parallel space

Step 5:
Now start whatsapp from parallel space accept TOC of whatsapp. Now follow add your mobile number on whatsapp and verify it.
Enter number

Congratulations we are successfully installed dual whatsapp on single device.  
By using this method we can use 2 whatsapp account without facing any issue.

Method 2:
If you have a pc, laptop then you can also use whatsapp on that. Just download blue stack software, and use second whatsapp on pc, laptop.

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