Set video as wallpaper – 2 methods.
Hello friends, in this tutorial we will learn how to set different type of videos as your PC’s wallpaper by downloading and installing some useful software.

How to set video as your desktop wallpaper

Today almost all people who uses smartphones and they personalize their mobile phone by setting different live wallpapers to look phone attractive similarly you can also customize your PC’s to change its look and behavior by installing some third-party software.  

There are other ways to set video as wallpaper but following are the two important software which set video as wallpaper easily they are listed below
1. PUSH Video Wallpaper
2. VLC Media Player

You can set video wallpaper by following two methods

Method 1
By using PUSH Video Wallpaper (software) Setting video wallpaper is easy job but firstly you need to install the software in your PC then you can easily set video as wallpaper but this is free to try/trial version of software for limited time it may be 28 days or 1 Month otherwise if you want to use it for lifetime then purchase it for Rs.295. (You can get a discount)

1. To download trial version of PUSH Video Wallpaper software open the given link and click on Download button to start download. The size of PUSH Video Wallpaper is 5.3MB.

Note: PUSH Video Wallpaper is available only for Windows Operating System.

push video wallpaper

2. After you successfully download software just double-click on the downloaded setup file
3. Then click on I accept agreement radio button and click Next button
4. Click on Finish button
Then it will automatically set/play sample video as PC’s wallpaper.
5. You can add some videos to it by clicking + button, select video file which you want to set as wallpaper and then click on Add to Playlist button.

Add video to playlist

It will automatically play video as wallpaper.
You can set video as wallpaper by just drag a video file and drop it on PUSH Video Wallpaper software icon without opening it.

Method 2

VLC Media Player is popular video player among the windows user. VLC supports different types of media formats. VLC Media Player is totally free to use and cross platform so it runs on various types of operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

1. To download VLC Media Player open the link  choose your operating system by clicking icon and click on Download VLC button.

2. After file is successfully downloaded double-click on the VLC setup file

3. Install it on pc.

4. From menu bar select Tools>Preferences and click on it.

5. Select Video Settings from top icons and select DirectX video output and click save button.
Accelerated video output

6. Play a video which you want to set as video wallpaper and click on video>Set as Wallpaper it will set current video as wallpaper but you can’t see any icon on PC. To remove this wallpaper just close the VLC Media Player.
set video as wallpaper by vlc media player

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