Xiaomi Redmi shows the notification “Female for English (India) waiting for Wi-Fi”. Female for English India redmi note, how to disable female for English in redmi 3s.
Most of the xiaomi redmi mobile show this notification, when clear this notification from notification bar it will show after some time. Then how to fix it.

This notification shows due to interrupt download of TTS (Text to Speech) file. Download complete only in Wi-Fi network.
When we start mobile data then this notification is shown at notification bar. Also some mobile shows female for English (UK) waiting for Wi-Fi. How to fix it?

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How to Remove Female Waiting for Wi-Fi from Notification Bar:

To solve this error just follow the given steps one by one.
Step 1:
Open you’re your Go to Settings – then Additional settings - Language & input -
Text-to-speech output.

Step 2:
Click on gear-icon in "Google Text-to-speech Engine"

Text to speech Gear Box

Step 3:
Then Click on "Install voice data".

Install voice data

Step 4:
Select English (India) form Google TTS voice date option.

Select it donwload

Step 5:
Click on remove button or download it.

This tutorial works on Redmi 3s, Redmi 3s Prime which is running MIUI 7, MIUI 8.
As well as this will works to Redmi note 3, this error occur due to incomplete download of TTS data? Just download it or remove form TTS voice data. This will solve our problem.

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