If you are searching software or application for extracting text from images, then you are at right place. In this tutorial we will see how to extract text, word from any image.

How to Extract Text from Images

Some people thinking about what is a need to extract text from images.
Some people work on data entry, in which they are asked to type the text from the image. So it’s not possible to do this work by manually typing so they need such type of software.

If image is very small that contains two-three line content then we can easily type that text. When image contains 200-300 lines then how we can type this text. In such situation we need software, application to extract this text from images.

Some people used online tools, software to do this work, but online tools, software have limit. Contains lots of ads. Otherwise we want to purchase this type of software.
But in this article we use in built one note free application that will help to extract text form any image.

Extract text From Image:

Step 1:
First thing is that we have installed Microsoft office in our computer. Any version of Microsoft office is fine for this trick.

Step 2:
Open your computer then Start – all programs- MS office- click on one note.

Step 3:
One note is one type of application software that will come with MS-Office.
Open one note then click on Insert- Picture then insert your image.

insert picture

Step 4:
Right click on image then click on copy text from picture.

copy text from image

Step 5:
Paste this text in MS-word, notepad or WordPad then format the text according to your need.

paste it into msword

That sit you have done. By using one note software we can easily copy text from any image with any size.
By using this trick we can easily extract text from any image.

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