Download & install Bluestacks for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Hello friends, before we talk about Bluestacks let just you know about Android. 

All we know that Android is most popular modern mobile operating system and runs on millions of devices, but the demand of android is growing widely on other hardware devices other than mobiles and tablet i.e. Android is also used in smart watches and in Television also.
So being android is open source and hardware independent we can use it in our computer (either desktop or laptop).
There are different ways to run your android apps in PC, but the standard way is runs android apps through Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is also called as App Player, because it runs android apps without any restriction on PC. So you can play your favorite games and run apps free on your pc.
If you are Mac user so you can also run android apps in your PC using Bluestacks.

Why to use Bluestacks?

      ·        Bluestacks offers a great android experience on your PC.
      ·        Free to use but it has also premium options to uncover additional features.
      ·        Play games smoothly without lagging.
      ·        Bluestacks include some pre installed apps like Play Store, Play games, Browser.
      ·         Bluestacks provides the useful feature of cloud connectivity through you can     Sync your mobile phone to Bluestacks.
      ·        Easy to control and handled through mouse and keyboard, you can also perform  gestures very well.

Requirements for Bluestacks:
Before downloading & installing Bluestacks check system requirements from here.

How to Download and install Bluestacks on your PC

To download and install Bluestacks in your PC follow the following steps.
1. Open your favorite web browser in your PC and search for Bluestacks, the first link show for just click it.

2. Download the Bluestacks software from homepage of This is the fully offline installer of Bluestacks App Player. For the windows operating system the offline installer file size of this Bluestacks is near about 313MB.

Download bluestacks


3. After the download task has been completed you can see a Bluestacks icon in your browser’s download location. The Bluestacks setup file icon which is .exe file, just double click on this icon to go to next step.

click on exe file

4. You will see installation window on your screen of Bluestacks as follows
Click Next button from the first window to accept the terms and conditions of Bluestacks


5. Select the location to store the Bluestacks data. It’s by default C:\ ProgramData drive keep as it is or you may be change it as your need and click Next button
Remember that Bluestacks requires at least 2GB of RAM and 4GB free space required on the hard disk of your PC to work properly.

program data

6. Wait for few minutes to complete the installation.


7.after all file are completely copied and installed on your PC Bluestacks asks you to Sign in to your google account to continue the next steps.
If you don’t have a google account your can create from this link and then Sign in to this Bluestacks

create google account

8. Setup your short profile – choose profile picture and enter user name.Just be patient. Wait a bit longer.This process takes a lot of time to complete.
Close the BlueStacks TV window

setup profile

9.After few minutes it shows the following window. The above process takes long time to done it depends on your PC hardware.

10.Select the your regional language from the list and click the arrow icon to go to next step

11. By clicking the OK button from the alert window you can accept the Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Services
Do not make any change to this window and click the arrow icon to Proceed.

12. If you want to use the additional features of Bluestacks you can pay for the premium version from this Payment info window.
If you don’t want to purchase them then just click NO, THANKS button to abort the payment process and to go to next step

13.Enter your first name and last name and click Right Arrow icon to proceed.

14. Finally, all the above steps you done successfully you got this Welcome window which is home screen of BlueStacks.
getting started

In this Home window you can see on the left side bar there is list of icon which include useful action like Bluestacks TV, social media app,Shake window, Take Screenshot, set Location, install APK file etc.

welcome message

So, this is the procedure to download, & install Bluestacks in windows 7/8/8.1/10. Follow the given steps and install Bluestacks in your pc.

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