What is DirectX, how to download & install directx12. Hello friends in this section we will discuss about DirectX. 

How to Download DirextX12 for windows OS

If you have experience or did work like installing games in windows operating system and played in your PC then you very well know about what is DirectX. While installing games in windows operating system you will always notice that it shows one message like “upgrade DirectX” or “dx9_35.dll file is missing” so why it happens? Why it’s necessary? You want to know about what is DirectX so let’s start.

What is DirectX?

DirectX is collection of APIs specially designed for Microsoft products like Xbox and windows operating system to run high 3D graphics games, multimedia files and rich audio smoothly without any restrictions.

Don’t be confused. Now you have got one problem in your mind what is API?
API stands for Application Programming Interfaces. The whole meaning hidden in its name 
i.e. API, in simple words APIs means interfaces or code written by someone else to use it for others in their Application Programming.
In other word API is bridge between Application and Operating system.

Building games is not an easy task it may require lot of coding, skills, creativity etc. to simplify this process developer use the APIs.
If you are programmer then you can understood the definition of API, if not the focus on following example.

Ex. You are using our website through your mobile phone or PC so you need a web browser for surfing and that’s it. Here Your Device (either mobile phone or PC) is Hardware and our website is software and the web browser (API) is bridge between them which perform some specific tasks.
Already I said DirectX is Collections of different APIs, it include some following API specially designed for different work.

    1.     Direct3D – API used for 3D graphics/games
    2.     DirectDraw – API used for 2D graphics
    3.     Direct Write – API used for fonts
    4.     DirectSound – API used for rich sound

The first version of DirectX is introduced in early operating system in windows i.e. Windows 95. Before DirectX windows used OpenGL Graphics APIs to rendering 2D and 3D graphics. OpenGL is cross platform and free to use so it’s used in many devices such as Android. DirectX is also free to use but only used in Microsoft’s products. The main goal of the DirectX is to improve the gaming performance on the Microsoft products. The latest version of DirectX is DX12 which include some additional features.

How to check the version of DirectX in windows operating system?
Follow the step to know DirectX version installed in your Windows PC.

Step 1:
 Simply right click on the start button and select the Run option or press the Windows + R shortcut key.

Step 2:
Enter the dxdiag keyword in the Run dialogue box and press OK button or simply hit Enter Key
Run command

Step 3
You will see the following windows of DirectX Diagnostic Tool. The version of DirectX installed in your PC is at the bottom in the System Information in this window.
Eg. In this windows you will see DirectX Version: 12
view directx version

DirectX 12 is the latest version of the DirectX which has great features.

How to Download and install DirectX12 in Windows Operating System

After checking the version of DirectX installed in your PC upgrade it to latest version.
Remember this DirectX 12 is the latest version so you cannot upgrade it.

Step 1
Open your favorite Web Browser and search for DirectX download you will see the first link of Microsoft like
https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=35 just click on it.

Step 2
Choose the language from the list which you want to download, it’s by default English and click on the Download button

download the setup

Step 3
In this webpage Microsoft also suggest you some other important software to install if you want to get them then just click on the check box to install combo pack of DirectX and respected software. If you do not want any other software then just click No thanks and continue button. The size of this web installer of DirectX is 286KB size.

other software

Step 4
After the download task is completed you will see the icon of installation file, just double click on it
double click setup

Step 5
After icon is double clicked you will see the following in window of Microsoft’s DirectX accept the agreement

accept toc

Just click on I accept agreement radio button and click Next again click Next button the file downloading task will starts. The complete installer of DirectX is about 95 MB so time will depend on the speed of your internet connection.
After the downloading task is completed just click on the finish button.

Now check the DirectX version in your PC. Direct X 12 is useful for windows 10 user & game lovers.

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