Hi blogger, in this post we can see how to add beautiful contact us page to our blogger blog. Here we will create free contact form for blogger. Simply we use third party site foxyform which is very popular to create contact us page code.

Add contact form to blogger

Need of contact us form?

Before that we will understand why need have contact us page to our site?
- By the help of contact us page any user can directly contact with admin or website support team.
- Advertiser directly contact with website admin.
- If your applying for google AdSense you should have contact us, about us page to your blog or website. Contact us page is needed for google AdSense approval.
- After adding contact form our site looks like professional.
In this post you can add contact us page by the help of foxy form.

Follow the simple steps to add contact us page to your blog:

Step 1: Firstly go to foxyform.com

Step 2: Then Tick Mark the filed that you want to add in your page (You can see Preview at end of page) Name, E-mail, subject etc. In front select on required field.

Enter your details

Step 3: In Advanced setting you can change font color, background color and font size.

Step 4: Enter Email Address where you want to receive this responses. Enter Captcha Code and Click on Create Formular.

enter mail address

Step 5: Copy the given code in notepad.

copy the code

Step 6: Go to Blogger.com => Pages => Add new Page => Give Name as Contact Us.

Page setting

Change the sidebar setting as follow:
Reader comments: Don’t allow
Compose mode: Show HTML literally
Line break: Use Enter
Click on done.

Step 7: Then Edit Page in html view paste the code click on publish. (Don’t edit the code otherwise it not work)

Paste code in html view

You are done, now your contact us page is ready. You can also see our website contact us page.
contact us page demo

For demonstration go to the page link
Go to your contact us page.
Enter your own name, email id, message and click on send message and check your target email id you are receive message or not.

I hope this post is helpful to you. If you facing any problem regarding this comment below.

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