Guide to get backup of blogger template and blog post with all images. In this tutorial we will learn how to get backup of blogger template. If you want to migrate your blog to WordPress or other platform then you need to get backup of your all blog post. Then how we can get backup of all blog post here we will see step by step.

Backup of blogger template blog post

Backup of Blogger Template:

Whenever we are planning to make changes to blog design at that time must need to get backup of blog template. Whenever you are editing blog template we are making some changes at that time wrong coding makes our blog layout wrong in such situation we need to restore it from backup template. Hence it is necessary to get backup of template before making changes to it.

Step 1:
Log in to blogger account then select your blog (if you have multiple blogs) that we want to get backup.

Step 2:
Go to theme section located at left side. Then click on Backup/restore option at right side.

theme section

Step 3:
One popup box will appear click on Download theme. Your template has been downloaded.

download theme

Downloaded template is in .xml format so you can restore it easily whenever you need.

How to Get Backup of All Blog Post:

If you want to migrate to other platform like WP and publish this old post then you want to get backup of your blog post.
Another reason to get backup of blogger post is you violate the TOS, Policy of blogger then Google delete your blog without notice. Google have all the rights to delete your blog at any time if you violate their blogger TOS.
Before happening such situation you need to get backup of your all blog post. If google delete your blog then you can easily restore it by using backup.

Step 1:
Go to blogger dashboard. Open your blog.

Step 2:
Then go to setting – other and at right side see the option backup content click on it.

backup blog post

Step 3:
One pop up will appear click on the option save to your computer.

Computer save

If you have large number of post it will takes 1-2 minutes to download .xml file.

By using this backup you can easily migrate your all post to other platform.

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