What is Android Pay? Hello friends, today we are going to know about Android Pay. In today's world, we all know what is android. But if you have a question about an Android Pay, then we will definitely solve your problem. Presently, Android Pay is a digital wallet which you can use for online payment.

What is Android Pay?

If you are dealing with online then you may know about a different digital wallet. E.g. Paytm, Mobikiwik, Oxygen, BHIM, etc.

Android pay is also a digital wallet but it supports “tap-to-pay” system. Android pay is released in Google I/O 11 September 2015 for United States but it is now being used in many countries.

Android Pay uses the “tap-to-pay” system with the help of NFC enabled devices such smart mobile phones, tablet computers and android watch. We can also say that it’s contact less payment.

How Android Pay is useful

In early days of Debit / Credit card we use the swipe machine to complete the transaction it’s done through magnetic stripe of the Debit / Credit card.
Swipe machine is easy to use and learn, but suppose you are using more than 2 Debit / Credit cards of different banks.

Want to pay for something (stuff) you may confused about which card you have balance and no one else and also you need to remember your Debit / Credit PIN but how many cards PIN will you remember? To overcome this problem and make the payment process so easier n faster some popular payment gateway compnies use new techniques like NFC or RFID in the Debit / Credit card.

credit card

eg. VISA uses PayWave and Mastercard uses PayPass for contactless payments. These cards supported for both swipe machine and NFC enabled machine (for contact less payments).

visa payment system

These contact less symbols are printed on machine which accepts contact less payments look for the symbols and then proceed.

Is Android Pay is secure than other contact less payment methods???

1.The process of this type(payWave or payPass) of contactless payment is easy but it less secure than android pay, because these card are NFC enabled so your card information can be stolen by some professionals(hackers).
Instead of this for extra security you may occasionally be asked for to enter your PIN.

2. Android Pay support physical authentications like Fingerprint touch ID to complete payment, but if the device is not supported to fingerprint then it activated with PIN number or your device pattern.

3.We can add multiple card to the Android Pay so it generate  virtual account number and send this number to the contactless payment terminal(receiver machine) instead of original card number this is one type of security.

How to use Android Pay or setup Android Pay

The process of setup Android Pay is too simple but you can use Android Pay only if its launched in your country if it’s launched then you need to do the following steps to use it.

1. Download and install Android Pay android application from the Google Play store in your android device.
Android Pay only available in some countries that support Android Pay.

2. Add your credit/debit of those banks which supports Android Pay.
You can add card by just clicking a picture of card or inserting its number with other details.

3. After you add card successfully to android pay then Just make sure your device is unlocked (you don’t even need to open the Android Pay app) and hold it to the contact less payment terminal but look for these symbols on contact less terminal.

Android pay is new technology that will definitely change the traditional payment system.  

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