How to upgrade access level when first time logged in Sbi net banking. First time our transaction right level is view then how we can upgrade it to full transaction rights.

Upgrade access level in sbi net banking

SBI internet banking provide lot of facility to their user. By using internet banking we can send money, make online payment etc.
When we created Sbi internet banking account at that time by default our access level is view rights.

SBI Internet Banking Have 3 Types of rights:

1. View Rights:
In view rights only we can view account balance, statements etc.

2. Limited transaction Rights:
In Limited rights we can only make transaction within same account. We cannot transfer money to other bank accounts.

3. Full Rights:
In full rights we have fully control over the all transaction. In full rights we can make RTGS, NEFT. We can transfer money to other bank accounts.

How to Upgrade Access Level from View/Limited to Full Transaction Rights:

Step 1:
First up all log in to your sbi net banking account.

Step 2:
Click on e-services, then click on upgrade access level, Select your account number, after that select Full transaction rights as shown in the following image.
Click on submit

Upgrade access level

Step 3:
After clicking on submit OTP (i.e. OTP/High security transaction password.
) is received to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and confirm it.

Step 4:
Now you will see the message as like “Your request for up gradation rights for the account selected by you has been accepted and it may take one hour to activate the same in our records.”
Message will show

After that within 2-4 hours your rights has been upgraded from limited to full transaction rights.

Problem during Upgrade Level:

1. “Sorry unable to process your request. Please try later.”
- Sometimes this error occur due to website problem or server load. How to solve it. Then clear, history cache from browser. Use Latest version of Google chrome browser.
Or Call to the SBI Customer and tell your problem they solve your problem.

2. User does not have any account to upgrade access level
- That means your account has already upgraded to max level.

3. OTP not received during upgrade request.
- Call to the Sbi customer care to solve this problem.

4. Try this trick to upgrade to full rights.
If view level not upgrading to full rights then try this:
First upgrade view to limited. After successfully upgrade from view to limited then apply for limited to full rights.  Most of the time it will work.

By following this steps we can successfully upgrade access level from view rights to full rights.

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