Today we discussing about how to get a bitcoin address or creating bitcoin address with Coinbase. What is my bitcoin address?

Get a bitcoin Address

What is Bitcoin Address?

Bitcoin address is just like our bank account. Bitcoin address is require to Buy/Sell Bitcoin or send, receive bitcoin from the internet or someone.
Bitcoin Address looks like as:
If you want to create your bitcoin address then follow the given steps.
We can create bitcoin address at various sites, wallet but here we will create bitcoin address with Coinbase.

Create Bitcoin Wallet Address with Coinbase

Step 1:

Step 2:
Click on sign up then enter your first name, last name, email address and password. Accept terms and condition click on Create account.

Enter name, email

Step 3:
You will receive verification mail from coinbase. Open mail and confirm your account.

Verification link

Step 4:
Log in to your coinbase account and click on Tools to create bitcoin address.
Below click on Create new address.

Tools to create address

Step 5:
Your bitcoin address is created click on details. You will see your wallet address as well as at right side QR Code is also available.

Bitcoin address with QR code

By using this bitcoin address we can send or receive bitcoin. Coinbase iOS and android app is also available download it form coinbase site.

How to Buy/Sell, Send/Request Bitcoin from Coinbase:
Login to your coinbase account. If you want to buy or sell bitcoin the just click on buy/sell tab. If you want to send or request bitcoin then there is option send/receive.
We can also create bitcoin address with block-chain, bitterx, Xapo, Unocoin.
So by using coinbase we can create bitcoin address easily.

How to Create Bitcoin Address at Unocoin

If you are Indian User then Unocoin is best to buy, sell bitcoin. By using Unocoin we can sell and transfer money to your local bank account.
For creating bitcoin address at Unocoin we need following documents.

1. Scanned copy of Pan Card
2. Passport size photo
3. ID Proof (Aadhaar or Voting Card copy)
4. Bank passbook scanned copy

Step 1:
Just go to the Unocoin site from here

Step 2:
Enter your email and password click on sign up.

Step 3:
You will receive verification email from Unocoin. Open email and confirm it.

Step 4:
Now to go profile enter your details like your name, Pan Card number, Address etc.

Step 5:
For verify your Unocoin account upload the document which mentioned above.

Step 6:
After uploading documents within 4-5 days Unocoin calls you to verify your name, address, and other details. He will ask some question give their answer then your account is successfully verified.

Verified account at uncoin

Step 7:
After completion of verification go to Account setting – Bank accounts to enter your bank account details.
Enter bank account details

Step 8:
For your bitcoin address – Go to dashboard then click on bitcoin option at left side.
After that click on Send /Request you will see your bitcoin address and QR code.

For any query contact to Unocoin customer support team their contact information is:
Toll free number 1800-103-2646
By using Unocoin and coinbase we can create a bitcoin address.

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