How to create and verify Payza account. Payza Account verification process step by step.

Create and verify payza account

What is Payza? Why to use it?

Payza is online payment processor same as like PayPal. It is used to send, receive money, as well as make online purchases, make online payments.
Most of the online earning sites have Payza payment processor for international user.
-You can receive your money at your local bank.
-Payza Support 21 currencies worldwide.  
-Payza has highly secured.
- Transfer money form payza 
- Easily Send Money Online

Payza Account Type:

There are two types of Accounts 1.Personal 2.Business
1. Personal: Personal account is used to send/receive money, online shopping and make online payment. For online earning choose personal account.
2. Business: If you are business owner and you want to send money to your employee then choose business account.

How to Open a Payza Account:

Follow the Simple steps to Create Payza Account:
Step 1: Firstly go the Official Site of Payza and Click on Sign Up.

sign up

Step 2: Select Your Country and Account Type.

country and account type

Step 3: Fill up Your Name, Email id, and password and click on get started.

enter email

Step 4: you have send one email from Payza team see below click on Take me home

Confirm your email

Step 5: Open your email account and confirm the link send by Payza team.

Step 6: Now you are at dashboard of Payza in right side you will see a notification about Complete Profile Setup click on it.

Profile setup

Step 7: Now enter your details as like below your industry, your job and click on save and continue.


Step 8: In next windows fill up personal information such as address, city, region, country, postal code etc. then click save and continue.

full info

Step 9: In next window enter your mobile no.

mob number

Step 10: In next window you want to write answer which is used to recover password if you forgot. So fill them carefully. Select one question and their answer then date of birth and enter pin which is used to cash out or deposit money from Payza. After filling click on save and continue

security question

Step 11: in next windows you will see message as like you’ve successfully setup your profile. Then click on Take me home.


Now Complete Some Task:
Task 1: Setup an avatar
You have to setup an avatar and personal message which is used for high security to identify your account.

Task 2: Setup a bank account
Setup your bank account details if you want to receive your money to local bank.

How to Verify Payza Account:
If you are choose personal account you doesn’t need to verify account at this time.
Your account does not require verification at this time. You can continue to use your account to Deposit, Send, Receive and to withdraw funds. Verification will be enabled in your account once you send or receive a combined total of $500 USD.

If you are choose business account.
1. Click on your profile name then below Verification see in image.
payza verification

2. Business account holders will see the Corporation Documents option Click on “Document Validation”.

3. You want to provide three document
Proof of Address: it includes phone bill, credit card statement or bank statement. The name and address should be visible and it not be older than 3 months
Proof of identity: it includes government photo id such as voting card, passport, driving license. Etc.
Business ownership: Proof of Business ownership such as tax registration, general business registration.
4. Upload this document click on submit.

Document are Clearly Visible and only in .jpg or .jpeg format. Once you have submitted your verification documents, you are verified within 4-5 business day.
You are done your verified Payza account is ready. If you have any problem regarding this please comment your problem below.

Go to the Payza Site from Here:

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