How to create and verify PayPal account in India. India PayPal Verification Process. If you want to make money online then you need one thing is PayPal Account.

How to create verified PayPal Account

What is PayPal?

PayPal is just like our bank account. By using PayPal we can send money, receive money through internet. Make online payment, as well as make online shopping worldwide.
If you want to transfer and receive money from out of the country then you need a PayPal account.
If you are making money online, then most of the online websites make their payments through PayPal, Payza, STP & Bitcoin.

If you don’t have credit card and make payment to outside the country, or purchase something then you can use your PayPal account. Just add your debit card details in to your PayPal account.
Thousands of people use PayPal. It is safe and secure only you need Email address, your other details are not shared such like credit, debit card details.

Note: PayPal Email address is our PayPal account. Means just like our bank account number. We want to receiver money then send your PayPal Email id to the sender.

Requirements to Open a PayPal Account:
For Open a PayPal account you need:

1. PAN card,
2. Valid Email address,
3. Bank Account Number
To receive money in to your bank account you need a bank account. If we don’t add bank account in PayPal then our PayPal account is unverified.
4. Credit or Debit card (Not compulsory)
You don’t have credit or debit card you add later. If you want to receive money in your PayPal you don’t need a credit, debit cards
5. Mobile Number

How to open a PayPal account?

Step 1:
Click on the following link then click on sign up now.
Sign up

Step 2:
There are two types of account personal and businesses choose one and click on continue.

Select Individual

Step 3:
Enter your name, email and password click on continue.

Enter your details

Step 4:
After that fill your all details like full name, DOB, Nationality, Full Address, then resident address first city, state, zip code and mobile number. Accept terms and condition and click on Agree and create account.

Full details

Step 5:
Here add your credit, debit card details, if you don’t have credit, debit, just click below “I’ll link my card later”

I'll link my card later

Step 6:
Your PayPal account is successfully created. Click below “Go to your account”
Only our PayPal account is created, but it is unverified, for verify it we complete some task.

Paypal account is created

How to Verify PayPal Account:

Go to your account overview Complete the following tasks:

1. Confirm Email & Mobile
For confirm mail, open your mail account, and confirm the link that will be send from PayPal after that PayPal will ask security question. Fill the answer of these question. If you forgot your password then these security question is used to recover your password.

Security question

2. Pan Card:
Enter your pan card number and confirm your pan card.

3. Add bank account
To add your bank account details you need

Name on account: Enter your name that used in bank passbook. Make sure your bank account name and Pan Card name are same.

Bank account number: Enter your bank account

Bank name: enter bank name as like State bank of India

IFSC code: enter banks IFSC code. If you don’t know your IFSC code you can check your bank passbook. Or Search on google.

Enter bank details

Tick mark the auto withdraw and click on continue.

After adding bank details PayPal send 2 small amounts to your bank account. After 3-4 days you will check your bank account statement.  After 4-5 days open your PayPal account you will see the Status: Unverified (Get Verified) click on get verified.
Then enter these 2 small amount like (Rs.1, Rs.1.5) and verify your bank account.

Enter two small amount

4. Link credit or debit card
It’s not compulsory.

5. Add Purpose Code:
For banking purpose we want add purpose code in PayPal account. Purpose code helps for banks to check transaction details.
Add a purpose code “Advertisement and Market Research”.

Purpose code

After completing this task your PayPal account is fully verified. Now you can send or receive money all over the internet.

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